Allen Edwards, the Singer and Golf Instructor

Allen Edwards travels nationwide performing on his concert schedule. Allen has two professional loves. Number one is his love for music and number two is his love for golf. Allen is equally comfortable with a microphone or a golf club in his hand.

Yes golf…when Allen is not in concert or recording he is golfing. Allen was taught this challenging game of golf by one of the top professionals in America. His golf instructor worked with several other celebrities in the music and television industry.

Now you too can learn the cardinal rules of golf that you must have to truly be the player you can be with Allen Edwards as your teacher.

Allen takes his golf clubs on the road wherever he performs cities throughout the nation. Allen’s home office is in Sun City West, Arizona where he performs and teaches golf during December, January, February and March. Allen’s concert schedule takes him nationwide from city to city, performing and playing golf.

For more details about where Allen will be located and schedule a time to learn this wonderful game of golf, call 417-337-1518.

Enjoy the game of Golf with your instructor Allen Edwards, The Singer!

Hole In One-Round 6
Allen Edwards Golf
Hole In One-Round 8

Photos of Allen getting Two Hole in Ones (in One Round) in Minnesota!

The Secret Is Out!